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As little as 25% of practicing medicine is based on clinical guidelines

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Over 90% of patients have never discussed participating in a clinical research study with their physician

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HealthCore has created an ecosystem of collaboration and discovery called the Integrated Research Network® (IRN®)

We have created a network of physicians, health plans, integrated delivery systems, and patients that enables the rapid generation, analysis, and dissemination of real-world evidence.

The goal of the Integrated Research Network (IRN) is to shape the future of healthcare by:

  • Advancing medicine by identifying the optimal treatment for specific patients.
  • Increasing patient satisfaction by improving the quality of patient care and providing opportunities for access to innovative therapies.
  • Increasing physician satisfaction by helping patients and advancing evidence-based medicine.
  • Informing health care decisions by improving point of care decision-making and optimizing cost of care.
  • Producing high quality data from research within one of the largest research environments available.
  • Advancing precision medicine through further understanding of how treatments or interventions are used in a real-world population.

Benefits to Physicians

  • Improved insights for clinical decision-making.
  • Ability to advance evidence-based medicine.
  • Increased access to real-world data and real-world evidence.
  • Opportunities for professional recognition as a collaborator.
  • Potential for supplemental compensation for physicians and staff (for professional services and administrative time).
  • Potential for CME credit opportunities.

Benefits to Patients

  • Potential for access to free or reduced-cost innovative treatments and materials.
  • Potential for compensation for their time.
  • Opportunity for improved quality and value of care.
  • Access to educational materials and condition management resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are

HealthCore is an evidence generation organization with over 30 years’ experience in in pre-approval, late phase, and peri- and post-approval evidence research. Our specialized expertise in clinical and pragmatic clinical trials empowers physicians, health plans, delivery systems, and life science companies to improve the quality, safety, and affordability of health care.

We have managed thousands of studies and produced over 3,000 peer reviewed manuscripts, abstracts, posters, and insights. With our breadth of experience, we have earned widespread recognition for its scientific credibility, efficiency, and expertise in conducting clinical trials in a variety of medical specialties.

By working with the IRN, you can utilize our exclusive research environment which includes claims, clinical, pharmacy and lab data on nearly 67 million individuals from multiple health plans across the United States. Through our integrated tools and site intelligence capabilities, we can accelerate the generation of this evidence and use this data to provide insights to improve health care related decisions.


To learn more about how the IRN and HealthCore help deliver the insights needed to solve current real-world challenges and provide maximum value for our clients, please contact:

Kevin Fulmer, MBA

Integrated Research Network, Director
+1 302-230-2102

Amanda Hodlofski, MPH

Integrated Research Network, Director
+1 302-230-2193

Current Studies


The AIRWISE Trial is a multi-center comparative effectiveness trial to assess the impact of combination therapies currently available to patients with COPD.

Visit the AIRWISE Study Site to Learn More


Online training and CME program for primary care physicians designed to increase pneumococcal vaccination rates for high risk patients, with customized feedback reports on individual physician vaccination rates compared to regional and national metrics.

Email Us to Learn More


A pragmatic clinical trial to assess the comparative effectiveness of once weekly semaglutide versus standard of care in a real world US adult population with type 2 diabetes.

Email Us to Learn More


ADAPTABLE (Aspirin Dosing: A Patient-centric Trial Assessing Benefits and Long-Term Effectiveness) is a three-year pragmatic clinical trial that will compare the effectiveness of two different daily doses of aspirin widely used to prevent heart attacks and strokes in individuals living with heart disease.

Visit the ADAPTABLE Trial Site to Learn More

More Studies are Being Added

In addition to these research opportunities, HealthCore is continually offering new studies in a variety of research designs in diverse therapeutic areas. Contact us today to learn about other study opportunities.